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Why I Started ConnectXpertise

Updated: Jul 25

Over my career in mobile app growth and brand marketing, a recurring headache I could never escape was how hard it was to find high-quality creative talent, especially when I needed it in a hurry. I’d see an abundance of options scrolling the usual open platforms for scouting short-term talent, but taking time to identify the top performers began to eat away at my work week.

All of my clients had content needs, from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups, but lacking proper budget planning or sufficient internal resources, they would often turn to the very same open platforms and, predictably, encounter the very same challenges. Seeing this pattern was a lightbulb moment for me, and I began to dig deeper into why it was so hard and so time-consuming to find proven creative talent online.

After spending months talking to businesses and content professionals about their biggest pain points, an obvious disconnect became apparent. There’s plenty of high-caliber talent out there, and businesses spanning all sectors are in frequent need of short-term creative superstars. But there was no solution to help them quickly and easily find one another.

Enter Content Machine, created to mutually benefit both content creators and the companies looking to leverage their skills. Content Machine matches pre-vetted freelance talent across writing, video production, design, creative strategy, and much more with businesses in need.

The existing creative talent matchmaking model is a race to the bottom, which floods the marketplace with sub-par performers while putting downward pressure on creators’ rates across the board. Content Machine gives companies willing to pay for top-tier creative practitioners a reliable talent pipeline, while giving creators a steady stream of work for which they’re fairly compensated.

I started Content Machine with the idea that neither businesses nor content creators are being served by the status quo. Creative talent should never have to ply their trade for less than they’re worth, and companies shouldn’t have to burn cycles scouring open freelancer marketplaces for diamonds in the rough. I’m a strong proponent of any solution where both sides get exactly what they want, and with Content Machine, that goal is within reach.

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